LIVE/ON DEMAND Family French


Our ever popular, fun and engaging online classes so you and your child can enjoy your learning French journey from the comfort of your own home.




This class is suitable for families with children from birth to around 11 years. It’s for all levels of languages, from those who have no French languages skills, to those who wish to better their child’s French and enjoy a family language learning experience.

A term includes live weekly classes via Zoom every Wednesday at 16:45-17:15 GMT.

  • Your own personal log in to your term’s weekly classes accessible for you to refer back to.
  • Your Zoom Class Link giving you access to join a live and interactive class.
  • Pre Class Instructions outlining how to get the best out of your live class and how to interact with your teacher during the activities.
  • A list of Resources you will need to interact on screen with your teacher. eg if, during class, we are focusing on farm animals you may be asked to find farm animal pictures or toys from home to hold up to the screen during class, as the words are said. In time all of the resources you will need will also be available to purchase on our website.
  • Vocabulary guide relevant to your classes with a pronunciation guide.
  • Following the live class a Class Recording will be posted for you to watch and pause as you need to.
  • For a period of time, we are giving away a complementary worksheet with a focus word from your class that you can use to reinforce learning with your child and display at home as a reward.
  • We also provide links to additional learning and language reinforcement tips so you can make your language learning experience an integral part of daily life.

As a bonus, we are currently offering additional materials that will later only be available as paid extras in our language learning platform.


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