Our Parent and Toddler Community Classes

The LingoLab - Community Based Classes
Having Fun in our French classes learning body parts.

Our Parent and Toddler Community Classes

“A top quality language experience, taught by an expert teacher”  

We would like to introduce you to a unique way for you and your child to learn a foreign language together.  You may already be bilingual yourself, have family abroad, remember your school-French or have no previous experience in speaking another language, everyone is welcome.  The LingoLab Method gives you the opportunity and opens the door to a hands-on experience on how to raise your child in a bilingual environment. Advice is always at hand to give you tips on how to reinforce, if you choose, what you and your child have learned during our fun sessions.  It’s all about repetition!

The LingoLab Sébastien

Sessions are suitable from birth to 4 years. The earlier you begin your child’s additional language learning experience the better for their language development. Our sessions are fun and interactive and we only ever speak in the foreign language, which gives you and your child 100% exposure with a totally immersive experience.  Learning is done entirely through play using our specially developed teaching technique, using songs, puppets, lots of visual stimuli, songs, finger rhymes movement, crafts, stories and much more..

Our next term runs from Thursday 21st SEPT 2023 for 11 weeks with a break for half term wc 2 OCT 2023. Our classes are payable termly in advance, reservation is essential. YOU CAN JOIN THIS TERM ANY TIME FROM THE START TO THE DATE (21/9/23). Please enquire if you would like to start after the term start date.

Classes take place at Great Park Community Centre, Rosedon Way, Gosforth, NE13 9BD

What we will be learning this term

This term, as always, is all about #MakingLanguagesFun. We will be learning about animals, Halloween, Christmas and so much more, join us to learn related vocabulary whilst having lots of #MakingLanguagesFun. With our unique teaching method, we always reinforce and build up previous learning, so whether you are new to our classes or have been attending for several years, we ensure that you and your child are always making progress in your language learning journey.

Group of animal images
We will learn some animal vocabulary
Les animaux [layz an-ee-moh] animals
Our Parent and Toddler Community Classes - The LingoLab
We will learn vocabulary and play games relating to Halloween
The LingoLab Santa
It’s the term where we focus on Christmas, let’s sing songs and play games to learn vocabulary.
Le Père Nöel [leuh per no-el] Father Christmas

Our teaching technique is multi-sensory and is all about #MakingLanguagesFun

The ethos at The LingoLab is to expose as many children, from as young an age as possible, to learning French in a fun and positive manner. That’s why our motto and anything we do is always with our core value of #MakingLanguagesFun. Our children deserve to have the gift of bilingualism, something that is done so well and is given in so many other European countries.  Your child will leave the first session having either, spoken, gestured a response, shown understanding of the spoken language, go home and repeat something they have heard at a random moment or when you ask them something, or all of the above!

Our Parent and Toddler Community Classes - The LingoLab
A fully interactive language learning experience

Younger siblings are always welcome and a sibling discount is offered.  Many of our pre-schoolers have been coming to The LingoLab since they were the ‘younger sibling’, or a bump in Maman’s tummy.  They have had many years’ exposure to hearing, understanding and responding to French, as all of our sessions are only ever delivered in the target language.  Some of our student’s first words have been in French, even though their parents are English speakers! What an honour it has been to witness this!

Our prices are very reasonable and provide great value for money.  We aim to share our gift of bilingualism and provide you with top quality language learning experience!

Booking essential

Please email info@thelingolab.com or use the ‘Contact Us’ Tab for further details


Do you provide a sibling discount?

A sibling discount is available for 2 or more siblings attending at the same time. Babies are free until 12 months when accompanied by a participating sibling. You can select up to 2 children during the enrolment process. If you want to enrol 3 or more children, you will have an option to check availability first, before booking.

What does the cost include?

As detailed above, you will be able to attend a face-to-face class at Great Park Community Centre. Sessions last 30 minutes, however we do suggest you keep 40 minutes of your time free as we quite often continue with class when the children are in full #MakingLanguagesFun flow. We don’t believe in cutting the class short when we see your child in full flow of learning and having fun!

Who is the class suitable for?

This class is suitable for families from birth to 4 years. You may have no French language ability, or be fluent. It is also suitable for native speakers as we teach language structures, vocabulary, songs, traditional tales that a child would learn in its mother tongue. Our job is to teach you how to integrate the language that you learn in class in your home environment. The only thing we ask is, that you want to learn whilst having a #MakingLanguagesFun experiences, have a desire to learn and join in with your child and we will teach you how to integrate an additional language into your home environment.

How do we learn?

In our classes, we teach an array of language through our specially developed teaching technique and our unique and dynamic curriculum. It’s been tried and tested on around 10,000 children over a period of over 2 decades, in fact our continually evolving curriculum is always bringing new, fun ways of teaching the language. In our classes we only speak French and use total immersion teaching. Some of the key elements of our curriculum and the success of our teaching is we adhere to our motto of #MakingLanguagesFun, along with parent/family and child participation. We teach, not only vocabulary, but also language structures that can be used in daily life through song, games, stories and so much more! You really have to come along and see for yourself first hand and experience it for yourself.

How soon should I start my child’s language learning journey?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. The answer is, as soon as possible. A baby is born with the innate and intrinsic ability to acquire several languages from BIRTH. Not just one or two languages, but several. It’s a bit like asking, shall I speak to my baby in my mother tongue eg English, or should I wait until they are 3. You’ll be amazed and you only need to check out our videos on our social medial feeds and you will see some very young children who can count to 20 at 2 years old, often better in French than in English! There are so many benefits of learning an additional language, not just for your child, but also for yourself. We liken it to a workout for the brain and which also enhances cognitive development.