Sample Class

Below is a very brief outline of a sample class with a small amount of the vocabulary and material you would receive for class. Of course, you receive so much more, but we want you to come and see for yourself! Have a look in the class materials section to see some of our happy customers! When you sign up for a term, you will receive:

  • A Live Class/Class Recording should you be unable to meet class times and rewatch the class at your convenience throughout the term.
  • Personal login to our NEW language learning platform
  • Pre-class instructions how to interact with us in class
  • Key vocabulary for your class to refer back to with pronunciation guides
  • A worksheet & BONUS material this term
  • Links to additional learning
  • A weekly language challenge to integrate French into your daily family life!

Your vocabulary will be set out for you with the word in French, the pronunciation and it’s English equivalent to help you to be able to read the words, or for your child to read them too.

This week’s class will be on the subject of animals and colours!

We will be using the following colours:

  1. un canard [uhn cah-nar] a duck
  2. une vache [oon vash] a cow
  3. Want to know more, sign up for the term

We’ll be building and reinforcing weather and the numbers 1 to 20 too. We always reinforce and build upon previously learned vocabulary. Our unique teaching method enables us to teach an array of vocabulary and language structures through the year, whilst focusing on main themed vocabulary.

You receive pre-class instructions on how to interact in class

Gather some toys or items that match some or all of the colours above, this will help your child fully engage online with the class and help them remember the words and numbers as you reinforce the teaching beyond the duration of the class.

We add links to additional learning so you can reinforce the language all week in different ways

Below are some videos that we’ll be using during the class.

Your Zoom live Class Link/recording to watch throughout the term.

Class starts at 10.00am and you can access the class via this link: Zoom Class Link

A sample of a live and interactive class, the introduction tells you how to interact and your class materials you will need to participate in class.

Your weekly learning challenge

We guide you how to reinforce the language you learn in class or give you additional language tips to integrate French as part of your daily routine.

The following materials apply to this class and will be free for you to download.  Here are some of our happy children who have loved colouring in and learning from our educational material when we learned about colours! 

a rainbow colouring sheet
Practicing colours and weather vocabulary
A yellow worksheet
Focus colour jaune worksheet
siblings holding red worksheet
Our materials are suitable for all ages
A pupil holding multi colour splat worksheet
Children are able to display their work with pride