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We would love it if you would join us for this term for our live and interactive family French classes or participate in the on demand classes any time throughout the term on The LingoLab language learning platform

Our LIVE AND INTERACTIVE CLASSES RUN every Wednesday 1645 GMT during term time. As part of your purchase, you will also receivw access to the on-demand recordings of our live classes offering you the flexibility to access the classes and the associated resources at any time, anywhere in the world. We know only too well how busy families are.

We are so excited for our new term and to share with you all of the classes that we have in store for you.  It’s 2 years since our online journey began and so much has happened in this time including the ongoing development of our language learning platform.  

We sincerely hope to share with you the joy of learning an additional language with your family, through our classes and resources and to show you a whole new world of #MakingLanguages Fun.

Learning in our classes
Having #MakingLanguagesFun our live and on demand classes

Term Dates

Our terms starts Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 1645 and runs for 10 weeks. (Half term wc 30 May 2022). Our classes are payable termly in advance.

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YOU CAN JOIN THIS TERM ANY TIME FROM THE START TO THE DATE (27/4/22) as our on demand classes are all available on demand on our language learning platform for you to watch as well as access the resources at any time!

What we will be learning this term

This term, as always, is all about #MakingLanguagesFun. We will be learning about transport, food, insects weather and so much more. With our unique teaching method, we always reinforce and build up previous learning, so whether you are new to our classes or have been attending for several years, we ensure that you and your child are always making progress in your language learning journey.

Transport The LingoLab
We will learn/build upon Transport vocabulary
Food The LingoLab
We will learn/build upon food vocabulary
Weather and insects The LingoLab
We will learn/build upon some weather and insect vocabulary

For the cost of the term you will receive:

  • ACCESS to our language learning platform with this term’s weekly classes that you can refer back to throughout the term. You can also purchase pervious terms too! Live/On Demand Jan-April 2022
  • A ZOOM CLASS ACCESS LINK giving you access to join a WEEKLY live and interactive class.
  • PRE CLASS INSTRUCTIONS outlining how to get the best out of your class and how to interact with your teacher during the activities.
  • WEEKLY ON DEMAND recording of each class is posted so that you can access at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • RESOURCES you will need to interact on screen with your teacher. eg if, during class, we are focusing on transport you may be asked to find transport objects from your home. It’s an interactive class, so you would hold up the objects up to the screen and interact with your teacher during class as the words are said.
  • VOCABULARY GUIDE relevant to your classes with a pronunciation guide and for a period of time,
  • A WORKSHEET to compliment the focus language from your class that you can use to reinforce learning with your child and display at home as a reward.
  • From time to time we will offer ADDITIONAL COMPLIMENTARY MATERIALS to enhance your learning experience in the class so you can progress with your child at home.
  • LINKS TO ADDITIONAL LEARNING with the SONGS we have learned, with LANGUAGE LEARNING CHALLENGES, REINFORCEMENT TIPS that you can use in day to day life and so much more.
  • Access to the language learning platform helps enhance your language learning experience and make it an integral part of daily family life. You can visit as many times as you wish throughout your term.


What does the cost include?

A weekly 30 minute class, during term time. We provide the resources you need for class too, so unless you have any special instructions, you just come along to class. You can also subscribe to our language learning platform for an additional cost, where you will receive a weekly pre class instructions with links to songs and additional learning, a language learning challenge, vocabulary and a worksheet that you can do with your child at home.

How do we learn?

In our classes, we teach an array of language through our specially developed teaching technique and our unique and dynamic curriculum. It’s been tried and tested on around 10,000 children over a period of over 2 decades, in fact our continually evolving curriculum is always bringing new, fun ways of teaching the language. In our classes we only speak French and use total immersion teaching. Some of the key elements of our curriculum and the success of our teaching is we adhere to our motto of #MakingLanguagesFun, along with parent/family and child participation. We teach, not only vocabulary, but also language structures that can be used in daily life through song, games, stories and so much more! You really have to come along and see for yourself first hand and experience it for yourself.

Who is the class suitable for?

This class is suitable for families from birth to around 9 years. You may have no French language ability, or be fluent. It is also suitable for native speakers as we teach language structures, vocabulary, songs, traditional tales that a child would learn in its mother tongue. Our job is to teach you how to integrate the language that you learn in class in your home environment. The only thing we ask is, that you want to learn whilst having a #MakingLanguagesFun experiences, have a desire to learn and join in with your child and we will teach you how to integrate an additional language into your home environment.

How soon should I start my child’s language learning journey?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. The answer is, as soon as possible. A baby is born with the innate and intrinsic ability to acquire several languages from BIRTH. Not just one or two languages, but several. It’s a bit like asking, shall I speak to my baby in my mother tongue eg English, or should I wait until they are 3. You’ll be amazed and you only need to check out our videos on our social medial feeds and you will see some very young children who can count to 20 at 2 years old, often better in French than in English! There are so many benefits of learning an additional language, not just for your child, but also for yourself. We liken it to a workout for the brain and which also enhances cognitive development.

Do you provide a sibling discount?

The cost of the class is for one family per household, what a bargain, a full family learning experience for a small weekly cost.